the story

Behind I BELONG is the sibling couple – Mette & Morten.
Morten had the idea for a mobile family tree in 2010 and he gave Mette the first version for her son’s baby baptism.

Since then it has been further developed focusing on a beautiful and simple design. All mobiles are handmade and assembled in their workshop in Copenhagen.

Together, they share the desire to give others the unique I Belong feeling. A sense of belonging, knowing your origin, your roots and being part of something bigger.

Morten & Mette

the craft

Inverted family tree

The Family tree starts with the youngest – ex a child or a wedding couple. Then it branches down to their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so forth. The biggest model has 31 names showing 5 generations.


We use Nordic oak and have chosen to combine light and dark oak with copper or brass. The wood is carefully chosen to get the best quality and the best color. The family names and dates are then laser engraved on each wooden piece.


All mobiles are hand made in our workshop in Copenhagen. We take great pride in the making and you will of course receive your mobile in a beautiful gift box.


Close Family
40(W) x 26(H) cm

Grand Mobile
60(W) x 60(H) cm

Great Grand Mobile
100(W) x 80(H) cm


After chosing a mobile you will be guided through a template where you fill in the text of your choice.
Yes! We place siblings on separate pieces underneath each other. Up to 4 kids - then we'll have to make another design so please write to us with your wishes.
No, you decide what to write – and it can be a poem, your values, life events or something completely different.
Yes, we have a limitation, but we can handle very long names. We will contact you if this situation occurs.
It's very different and there are no rules. But sometimes you’ll find that persons who are still alive will have their married name ingraved, while there is a tendency to write the maiden name when it is a deceased person. Perhaps because it makes it easier to follow the surnames through generations.
Then you can leave the disc blank or write the information you have.
If the template for either Close Family, Grand or Great Grand model does not fit your wishes and you would like to change the mobile design and the template, please write to us with your specific wishes. Then we design something special for you.
Once we have received your completed family tree and you have received an email confirmation containing a pdf, the delivery time is 5-7 days in Denmark and 7-10 days in the rest of Europe.
You'll get an overview of the data in the Cart - before paying, but you’ll also receive a pdf with your entered data. Please double check the data and let us know if anything is wrong. If you recieve a mobile with a wrong text and the fault is ours, we will of course fix it without payment. Other corrections we will do for a small fee.
Yes! We would love to add names or discs to your mobile. We will charge a small fee for production + shipping.