A Family Tree with 15 names. From the top: The youngest (1-3 kids) in the middle, their parents, grandparents and great grandparents. If you have 2 or 3 kids (in the middle), their names will be engraved on seperate discs and placed underneath each other. See the pictures below. If you have 4 kids the names wil be on both sides of two discs.

Start filling in names right away. If you are missing some data, you can “save” your work by sending a link to your own e-mail. This way you can return, when you are ready to fill out the rest (max 30 days).

If you want a special design or have any questions – please write to us

Discs can be added later on.

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Delivery time: 10 days after we have received your text

Measures: 60×60 cm (width/height)

Yes! We would love to add names or discs to your mobile. We will charge a small fee for production + shipping.
Then you can leave the disc blank or write the information you have.
Yes, we have a limitation, but we can handle very long names. We will contact you if this situation occurs.