Great Grand


This mobile is truly great and grand showing 31 names. From the top: The youngest (1-3 kids) in the middle, their parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents. If you have 2 or 3 kids (disc no 1), their names will be engraved on seperate discs and placed underneath each other. See the picture below. If you have 4 kids the names wil be on both sides of two discs.

Start filling in names right away. If you are missing some data, you can “save” your work by sending a link to your own e-mail. This way you can return, when you are ready to fill out the rest (max 30 days).

If you want a special design or have any questions – please write to us

Discs can be added later on.

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delivery time: 10 days after we have received your text

Measures: 100×80 cm (width/height)

It's very different and there are no rules. But sometimes you’ll find that persons who are still alive will have their married name ingraved, while there is a tendency to write the maiden name when it is a deceased person. Perhaps because it makes it easier to follow the surnames through generations.
If the template for either Close Family, Grand or Great Grand model does not fit your wishes and you would like to change the mobile design and the template, please write to us with your specific wishes. Then we design something special for you.
Yes! We would love to add names or discs to your mobile. We will charge a small fee for production + shipping.