Terms & Conditions

I Belong, a custom made mobile with accessories.

Payment can be made with credit card or Dankort.
We use the Stripe payment system, which is approved by NETS.
All data communication during the purchase, including customer data, order data and payment data, is handled via an encrypted SSL connection.
This ensures that unauthorized users can not see the data being exchanged.
When SSL encryption is enabled, a padlock appears at the bottom of the page in most browsers, and the internet address begins with https: //.
We do not register or store your payment card and account information.

All prices are stated in EURO including 25% VAT and exclusive shipping and fees. The total price to be paid, including shipment and fees when paying by credit or debit card, etc., is calculated and shown when presenting the item, where possible. The total price is also calculated and announced before completion and completion of the purchase.

In cases where the price can not be calculated definitively prior to the final order delivery, the manner in which the total price is calculated shall be disclosed.
Shipping costs are not charged to the individual item, but the total purchase. Shipping costs can therefore only be announced at the end of the purchase process, but always before the purchase transaction is completed.

Shipping in Denmark: Free shipping over 67 EURO.
Shipping in Denmark under 67 EURO: 8-11 EURO depending on package size.
Shipping outside Denmark (in Europe): 27 EURO
Shipping outside Denmark (Rest of the world): 37 EURO

You are of course always welcome to pick up your package in Valby without shipping costs.
We live on Bjørnsonsvej 2, 2500 Valby. Call for an appointment.

You will always receive an order confirmation per. e-mail after your purchase. It is for your security and a way to know that the order has gone through. This order confirmation contains the necessary information for your documentation of the order. The e-mail will be forwarded to the address you provided during the booking process.

Once you have filled out and approved your family tree on our website, the delivery time in Denmark is 5-7 days and 10-14 days outside Denmark. If your package for some reason is delayed, you will be notified by e-mail.

You will receive an e-mail when your package has been shipped.

As your order is always made according to your personal and specific specifications, it is not possible to cancel your purchase after completed and approved order.

For the purchase, the rules of purchase rules apply.
When you buy in the webshop, you have 24 months of warranty.
This means that in case of complaint you can either get parts of the item exchanged, the money back or a price discount, depending on the specific situation.
Of course, this means that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen due to incorrect use of the product or other damaging behavior.
It must be advertised within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect of the item. If advertised within two months after the defect has been discovered, the complaint will always be timely.
When you want to advertise a product, it must be sent or delivered to us at our address in Valby. When you return the item, please provide a description of the error.

Note, we do not receive packages sent per. demand or something else.
Always remember to ship the item back in proper packaging and get a receipt for the shipment so that we can refund your costs.

I Belong is not liable for: (a) delays; (b) cancellation of orders; (c) violation of third parties’ rights.
Regardless of the basis on which a claim is made and regardless of the degree of negligence, I Belong is not liable for indirect loss or consequential damages such as operating loss, loss of profits, loss of data or costs associated with reinstatement thereof, loss of goodwill, misleading messages, loss of expected savings and the like. I Belong’s liability for any loss or damage is limited to the amount that the Customer has placed for that item (or lack of same) upon which the claim is based. Regardless of the amount of consideration for the item and the degree of negligence, I Belong’s total liability is maximally maximized to DKK 50,000.00.

Complaint about a product purchased from I Belong may be submitted to:
Center for Complaints Solutions at the Competition and Consumer Agency
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby.

Complaints can also be submitted to the Center for Complaints Solutions via www.forbrug.dk
When submitting a complaint, our e-mail address info@ibelong.dk must be disclosed.
The European Commission’s online complaint portal can also be used for lodging a complaint. This is particularly relevant if the Customer is a consumer domiciled in another EU country.
The complaint is filed here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr
When submitting a complaint, our e-mail address info@ibelong.dk must be disclosed.

Information provided to the webshop is not disclosed or sold to third parties in any way, and we do not register any personally sensitive information.
As registered with I Belong, you are always entitled to object to the registration.
You also have the right to know what information is registered about you.
These rights are in accordance with the Personal Data Act and you can contact In Belong by e-mail: info@ibelong.dk.

I Belong / The Mind Gap
Bjørnsonsvej 2, 1st floor
2500 Valby
E-mail: info@ibelong.dk
Tel. No: 20 83 73 59

We are subject to price changes and typing errors.